Welcome to the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians Health Department

The mission statement of the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians Health Department is to improve all aspects of the physical, mental and emotional well-being of tribal members, spouses and families. We continually strive to accomplish this by promoting wellness through intervention, prevention, education and encouragement. By utilizing these health practices, tribal families can integrate these practices into their families and promote a healthier life style and way of life for our tribal members.


Jessica Chelette- Health Director

(318) 992-2763

Contracted Services: 

  • Professional contracted health services provided by the JBC health department include: 
  • Physicians
  • Dentist 
  • Optometrist/ophthalmologists
  • Dietician 
  • Pharmaceutical needs 
  • Wellness memberships

Direct care services: 

Direct Care services provided by the JBC Health department include: 

  • Basic Screenings:   *Medical Examinations 
  • *Blood pressure testing
  • *Blood sugar testing 
  • *A1c testing for diabetics 
  • *Urinalysis 
  • Education:* Patient education on health related subjects
  • *Preventative healthcare
  • *Health promotion/Disease prevention
  • Wellness:*Consultations with nurse practitioner and/or dietician
  • * Access to walking trail, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic and playgroup area
  • * Zumba Classes

Clinic Services:

JBC Clinic Services are provided on Wednesdays each week with nurse practitioner, Stephanie Knight.  Examinations, general family medicine, prevention, screenings, physicals, and limited lab services are available to tribal members, spouses, and children/step-children.  

Clinic Hours are Wednesday, 9:00AM to 3:30pm, by appointment.  Walk-ins are accepted, but wait time varies.   

Registered Dietician consult services are available by appointment.  


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